Isreal and Palestine’s football associations pointed accusing fingers at each other on Wednesday over the cancellation of a World Cup warm up match between Israel and Argentina. The match was fixed to be played in Jerusalem, a city currently disputed.

Isreal blamed Palestine calling them “football terror” and that it was their threat that forced Lionel Messi and his teammates to forfeit their last Pre-World Cup match.

Lionel Messi of Argentina

“We are confronting a football terror from the Palestinian Football Association and its president (Jibril Rajoub),” said Rotem Kamer of the Israel Football Association.
“We are seeing it as crossing a red line and we cannot accept it,” Kamer said, stating that an official complaint will be forwarded to FIFA.

Palestinian are the occupants of the east Jerusalem which has been annexed by Israel so as to transform it in future into its capital.

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