Israel has heaped blame on the Iranian government concerning the recent violence on the Gaza border that has seen more than 100 Palestinians killed amid protests against Israel.

The Israelis deployed the use of military aircraft to drop leaflets on Gaza in a bid to warn the Palestinians not to move close to the border fence for their security of their lives.

The leaflets bore a message to employ the Palestinians to prevent themselves for being used as “a tool” by Hamas, the terrorist group dominating Gaza.

The response of Israel has been criticized by several Human right agencies all across the world stating that Israel was using excessive force in driving away the Palestinians. Israel reacted saying her actions were purely a medium of self-defense against people trying to force their way into their border.

Speaking at the end of a visit to London on Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Palestinians could “protest as much as they want… but Hamas is organising a violent assault into Israel with a view of destroying us, which they openly proclaim, in order to break the border fence and kidnap and murder Israelis that are [living] 100 metres away.

Image result for Netanyahu confronted over Gaza deaths by prominent UK politician Michael Howard

“The last thing we want is any violence, the last thing we want is casualties, and the last thing we want is confrontation,” he said.

Mr Netanyahu said Israel’s military was working on developing non-lethal means of tackling violent mass protests.

“We tried water-cannon, we tried tear gas, we tried all sorts of other devices, but none has worked against this kind of tactic,” he said. “They’re working on it and given our record we probably will figure out something, but we haven’t gotten it yet.”

In the leaflets dropped on Gaza Israel’s military repeated its warning to Palestinians to not go near the heavily-fortified border fence.

“For your own benefit, it is better that you not participate in the violent riots at the fence, not attempt to breach it, and not permit Hamas to turn you into a tool to advance its narrow agenda,” the message said.

“Behind this agenda is Shia Iran, which has made it its mission to inflame tensions in the region for the sake of its religious and sectarian interests.”


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