US F-15 Crashes off Okinawa; Pilot Safe.

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 The Japanese forces discovered a U.S F-15 fighter jet crashed into the sea off the Japanese island of Okinawa. The fighter jet was in use during a routine training mission.

The pilot, however, was smart enough to have ejected and was picked up by Japanese forces. Report says he has broken a leg though he is safe.

Japan’s Kyodo news agency says the jet was stationed at the Kadena Air Base and crashed about 80 kilometers off the coast of southern Okinawa.

In spite of the good working relationship between the U.S and Japanese militaries working together on the island, the Japanese civilians were irritated by the U.S military presence on the island. This created a form of friction.

The Japanese and U.S have had the tensed relationship in times past dating as far back as the Hiroshima’s destruction of the Japanese by the Americans. In recent times, the U.S militia have been severally accused of criminal acts in Okinawa, such as rapes, fights and drunk-driving incidents.

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