Michael Howard, an ex-leader of the UK Conservatives Party called out to Israel against the usage of live ammunition against the Palestinians protest along the border fence in Gaza.

Howard asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday why Israel didn’t use alternative means of chasing away the protesters. He suggested the use of rubber bullets, Netanyahu said several methods including the usage of rubber bullets have been tried all to no avail.

Howard, a prominent Jewish figure in British politics said that Israel’s need to protect its borders from being infiltrated is understandable but very few people will reason with the fact that the only way to stop them is by killing them.

Image result for Netanyahu confronted over Gaza deaths by prominent UK politician Michael Howard

“Why couldn’t you use rubber bullets? Why couldn’t you — if in extremis you had to use live ammunition — why couldn’t you shoot them in the legs? Why did you have to kill them to stop them scaling the fence?”

Netanyahu responded that everything suggested by Howard had been tried, along with other methods, but that they hadn’t worked. “Nobody intentionally went out to kill anyone,” he said.

The Israeli leader pointed the finger at Hamas, the militant group that runs Gaza, saying it had wanted more Palestinian deaths. “Their goal was to have as many casualties. Our goal was to minimize casualties and avoid fatalities,” he said.

Theresa May, the UK’s Prime Minister, had earlier raised her voice of concern towards the occurrences in Gaza and hopes the situation is brought to rest.

“The UK absolutely recognizes that Israel has a right for self-defense,” May said during an on-camera conversation in Downing Street, but added that she hoped Israel could alleviate the “deteriorating” situation in Gaza.

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