Swiss voters took to the polls to append their support to a new gambling law. The new law is designed to block off and prohibit the usage of foreign betting sites.

The new Act got a support of over 70% of voters as the final result had showed though many had previously complained that the law will result in online censorship.

The law is due to take effect in 2019 and has been as one of the toughest regulatory acts in Europe in that only Swiss certified casinos and gaming centers to operate.
The authorities had boasted of an effort to end gambling addiction among its citizens. This was what led to the passing of the legislation by both houses of parliament.

The government plans to do two things at the same time; one is to place a ban on foreign let Swiss companies run gambling websites and the other is to place a ban on foreign betting sites. This move didn’t sit well with everyone as some had said it will lead to censorship of the internet.

Gamblers in the country spend roughly 250 million Swiss francs ($253m; £189m) per year on unregulated foreign betting sites, according to the government.

Mr Franzini, co-President of Greens youth group, spoke of a “generation gap” between young voters angry about the law and the lawmakers who passed the law.
“They may not really have understood what this could do to the internet,” he said



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