Donald Trump in attendance for Donald Trump Town Hall on the NBC Today Show, Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY April 21, 2016. Photo By: Steven Ferdman

The President of the US stated that he desires to see Russia back as a member of the G7 group.
Other G7 nations opposed the notion to read it Russia as the reason for its sanction from the group still remains valid.
Russia was expunged from G7 back in 2014 over the forceful annexation of Crimea, which was believed by G7 to be under the sovereignty of Ukraine.
Donald Trump expressed his disdain in that the meeting wasn’t as full as it used to be.

“You know, whether you like it or – and it may not be politically correct – but we have a world to run and in the G7, which used to be the G8, they threw Russia out. They should let Russia come back in,” he said.
The only President who seem to share the same binoculars with Donald Trump on this issue is the newly sworn in Prime Minister of Italy, stating that Russia’s readmittance is “in the interests of everyone”.
Canada, France and the United Kingdom expressed their disapproval of the notion of Russia’s re-entry.
BBC’s diplomatic correspondent, James Robbins said “Relations between Donald Trump and America’s leading allies were already at a new low over trade tariffs before the president casually dropped his Russia hand-grenade”.
“Most G7 leaders think the decision to expel Russia in 2014 was right then, and remains right today. Even Russia itself seems lukewarm about rejoining.
“In many ways, this seems to be a deliberate Donald Trump tactic, to distract attention from his war of words with the rest of the G7 over trade and protectionism.” Robbins added.
Meanwhile, Russia itself isn’t doing anything to seek a readmittance as the government says it is focusing on other groups other than G7.

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