The recent volcanic eruption in Fuego situated in the southeastern part of Guatemala claimed the lives of at least 110 people.

Eufemia Garcia, one of the resident of Fuego, watched helplessly as the volcano sent ash and gas forcefully over her home a week ago, she has lost her children and grandson including 50 other members of her extended family.

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Garcia and some other have volunteered to join the rescue team in finding and exhuming the bodies from under the ash.

The eruption, was the greatest that has been seen in four decades according to analysts, resulted in the death of many and about 200 are yet to be found while it is believed that their bodies is buried beneath the ash.

Since the incidence, Garcia wakes up every morning, picks the axe and ventures into danger zones and digs up the ashes in hope of discovering dead bodies.

Bryan Rivera, a survivor, is also searching for 13 missing relatives. All he has found so far in the dust and desolation is a guitar his 12-year-old sister had loved to play.

“I’m not going to give up until I have a part of my family and am able to give them a Christian burial,” Garcia said, her features drawn with fatigue and grief but her voice unfaltering.

The only survivors are Garcia and a brother who long ago moved away.

“I’ve looked here in the morgue and in another morgue, but there is no sign of them,” she said, standing in front of a row of coffins at a makeshift mortuary.

“My family is buried. All 50 of them.”


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