WHO predicts Ebola outbreak in DR Congo could end soon

The director general of the World Health Organization spoke concerning the Ebola outbreak in DR Congo, which has been plagued with the epidemic. WHO said the disease will addressed and contained swiftly.
“I am cautiously optimistic that we shall be able to bring it to an end soon,” Doctor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters at Kinshasa airport.

Dr Tedros had earlier tweeted his uncertainty on how quickly the epidermic will be dealt with said “it’s far too early to declare victory in the #Ebola outbreak. But the signals are positive and we are cautiously optimistic.” The WHO has taken it upon itself to immunize frontline workers with a proven vaccine since May 21. A total of 1,369 people have received the experimental vaccine since May 21, the ministry said last Wednesday. On Thursday the WHO gave a total of 59 confirmed, probable and suspected Ebola cases, of which 27 people had died with one new case confirmed on June 6. Tedros, however stated the major challenge they’ve faced is the accessibility of those villages. Reaching the villages on time is quite a daunting task as the officials move from one village to the other. The difficulty of reaching the localities prevents them from completing their task swiftly.
Bikoro, one of the affected villages, is located some 100 kilometers from regional center Mbandaka and 600 kilometers from Kinshasa, near the border with Congo-Brazzaville. The outbreak is DR Congo’s ninth since the first in 1976.

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